Are Airpods 2 Worth it

So your thinking about buying a pair of airpods 2 or you want to upgrade from your original airpods, and your thinking are airpods 2 worth it? Well let’s find out! When air pods were first released, it seemed like EVERYONE wanted a pair. Im guilty of following the pack as well, and i went […]

Top Gadgets For 2019 – Our Top 5

If you are anything like us here at Wow Smart Tech, then you love gadgets. All kinds of gadgets: tech gadgets, spy gadgets, electric gadgets, gadgets are just cool! Well lucky for you, we have compiled our TOP 5 gadgets for 2019 so far Growing up one of my favorite shows was in fact inspector […]

Smart accessories for smart people

In our age of rapid technological progress, there is hardly anyone who has not heard about smart technologies. A smart device is an electronic gadget that can be connected to networks or other gadgets via various smart protocols such as 3G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. In comparison to old-fashioned technologies, smart devices provide their owners with […]