The Marathon Continues – Nipsey Hussle Smart Phone Cases!

The Marathon Continues Forever – R.I.P Young Legend Beautiful designsKeeping the legacy Alive & The Marathon Going One Smartphone At A time!Click HereNew Designs Just Added!Click HereGIVEAWAY!All profit that is made from these cases, WILL be going straight to the Marathon Clothing Store. We will Be buying and giving away everything to randomly chosen winners […]

Are Airpods 2 Worth it

So your thinking about buying a pair of airpods 2 or you want to upgrade from your original airpods, and your thinking are airpods 2 worth it? Well let’s find out! When air pods were first released, it seemed like EVERYONE wanted a pair. Im guilty of following the pack as well, and i went […]

Top Gadgets For 2019 – Our Top 5

If you are anything like us here at Wow Smart Tech, then you love gadgets. All kinds of gadgets: tech gadgets, spy gadgets, electric gadgets, gadgets are just cool! Well lucky for you, we have compiled our TOP 5 gadgets for 2019 so far Growing up one of my favorite shows was in fact inspector […]

Smart accessories for smart people

In our age of rapid technological progress, there is hardly anyone who has not heard about smart technologies. A smart device is an electronic gadget that can be connected to networks or other gadgets via various smart protocols such as 3G, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. In comparison to old-fashioned technologies, smart devices provide their owners with […]