Top Gadgets For 2019 – Our Top 5

If you are anything like us here at Wow Smart Tech, then you love gadgets. All kinds of gadgets: tech gadgets, spy gadgets, electric gadgets, gadgets are just cool! Well lucky for you, we have compiled our TOP 5 gadgets for 2019 so far

Growing up one of my favorite shows was in fact inspector gadget, i know im old…

Now this IS NOT a list of the highest selling gadgets of 2019, that’s not what this website is about. If your looking for that, you can find all the expensive brand name stuff at stores like best buy.

We are committed to finding the products and gadgets that most people might not know about, but we feel you would love! By no means does that mean this is cheap chinese crap. EVERY SINGLE product you see on this website, we have personally bought and tested ourselves, and some of the products we actually manufactured ourselves.

As soon as i wake up, im on the hunt for the next great product. A lot of times we are so attracted to brand names, but little do we know, were basically paying more than half for just that name. A lot of times the EXACT SAME product, made from the same people in the same country, you can actually find at a fraction of the price, and surprisingly a lot of times, its actually better!

Listed below are our top 5 picks for TOP gadgets for 2019, so far of course. In no particular order:


Our Top 5

# 1: 4 in 1 Wireless Charging Mouse Pad With Speaker

First On The List We have the 4 in 1 wireless speaker mouse pad! So many different things one device, we had to include this one in here.

When i first heard about this device, i wont lie, i had my reservations. I have seen so many cheap made 2 in 1 or 3 in 1 chargers and a lot of the time, they just weren’t any good.


This 4 in 1 Wireless Speaker Mouse Pad is #1 on the market! With its phenomenal features, you can use it as a Bluetooth speaker, wireless charger, a power bank charger and a mouse pad with a built-in microphone. It has an unbelievable battery life of 5000mAh! You can use it for music or hands-free calling while you are working, watching a movie or show.

Main Features:

  • Bluetooth Speaker, Charging Station, Mouse Pad, Microphone, and Power Bank All In One
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Fast Charging Speed
  • 5000mAh Battery Capacity
  • Use up to 10 Hours
  • Mouse Pad – ABS+PC Panel
  • One Click To Wireless Charge
  • Non-Slip 4 Solid Bases

#2 – Gamesir X1 BattleDock – Mobile Gaming

Turn your smartphone into a gaming pc

This revolutionary product brings PC gaming straight to your mobile with all the functionality you would have playing on your desktop. Now plays PUBG as well! 100% FULL PC GAMING EXPERIENCE on your smartphone. The battledock also will allow you to use your own keyboard and mouse, to really have you emerged in your game!


Designed for First person shooter games and PUBG-like battle royale games! Players have reported significantly improving their victory rate because of the better control and quick-aiming, tap-firing, spraying and everything else! The Mobile Gaming dock is compatible with iPhone and Android via Bluetooth 4.0 lag free experience.

Supports all major FPS games and battle royale games such as PUBG mobile, Rules of Survival, Knives Out, Dead trigger2, Modern Combat 5 and more. Also new titles are getting added consistently, and consistent updates and support are released. The mobile gaming centre also has a customizable keyboardbutton setting for your preference, supporting button combination, auto-fire, and one click macro!

3000mAH ultra-long battery life helps you battle for the whole day, because we never give up a unfinished game!

Goodbye Poor Controls, Hello Keyboard And Mouse!

Mobile gaming done differently

Ever realize that there are so many PUB-like battle royale games pouring out and dominating the app store and play store? So what stops you from playing those games? The poor control! Its never the same.

FPS games are getting more and more popular on the smartphone, but the control is still a mess. Im sure all the gamers can agree, its very frusterating when your trying to use your right thumb ato move your character and fire at the SAME time.

Luckily for us gamers, developers are thinking about us! When i first got the Gamesir X1 Battledock to review, i was completely blown away by all the functionality. I stayed up almost all night playing PUBG, and i can honestly say after playing it on a pc and then this, there is seriously no difference. (it will depend on the power of your smartphone of course). All smartphones will work, the newer ones will just run some games faster

This is the brand new solution that dramatically turns your IOS/Android phone to be compatible with PC equipment. With GameSir World app and Happy Chick Emulator, now you can enjoy your favorite shooting game with your keyboard and mouse with a next level of control!

#3 : Smart Watch with camera control

When your shopping for a smart watch, a lot of times it might seem like you only have two or three choice. Apple, samsung, fossil and maybe some other brands. Little do a lot of people know that there are actually BETTER watches out there that are made for much less!

Luckily for you, our jobs is to find such products and deliver to you. This smart watch is really in a category of its own. So many features to list, a lot of features that the new apple watch 4 does not even have.

Smart watches are a prime example of a product being HEAVILY overpriced just because of the brand. Obviously there is a lot of benefits when you buy from a company like apple, mainly being support. You know if something happens (in the first year, unless you buy apple care) that your covered. You better be, if your spending close to 500$ for a smart watch!

We have actually tested hundred of smart watches from all over the world, and what we have found is that, there are literally tons of companies, and i means tons, making HIGH QUALITY watches for under 100$

I was truly blown away. When i ordered a lot of them, i was very skeptic, as most people would be. I mean you see a watch that looks like an apple watch, but is priced at a WAY lower price, there has to be a catch, right?


If you do some research, your going to find, the tech in these smart watches is nothing crazy. Its actually very easy to make. Companies like apple are marking up their products by 200, even 300 %, so thats why companies like this are able to make high quality watches and sell them at such low prices.

#4 AirPods Clones – Are they Better Than the Originals?

Since were on the subject of Clones of apple devices, it was only right to include the ever popular air pods.

It seems like you cant walk down the street anymore, without seeing someone having on a pair of apple airpods. Well thats if there even real airpods….

Top gadgets for 2019

One crucial flaw, in my opinion in the Airpods that Apple created, was the fact, theres no way of telling your even wearing an apple product. No logo, no writing, nothing.

Luckily for a lot of other manufacturers, it opened up a door for them. Lately new airpod clones have just hit the market and let me be the first to tell you.


Not only do they sound better, they have more functionality as well. And at the same time no one will ever be able to tell your not wearing real air pods. Or if your like me, you like to tell people you bought yours for less than 50$, and they sound better than your friends 250$ headphones!

The reaction is always priceless!

#5 The Best Relaxing Gadget We could Find!

Listening to music is great, playing games is great, surfing the web or your phone is great, but sometimes you just want to forget everything and relax.

Luckily for you, theres a gadget for that as well! Introducing the newly released Eye massager!

I have been using this device for about 5 months now and i cant say this enough, i LOVE THIS THING. It truly changed my life in ways i cant even tell you, but ill try.

So my entire life, i have suffered from severe headaches. They dont happen often, but when they do, they are BAD. I used to pop advils, and tylenol and they never really worked for me. I would literally try and do anything. Then a friend told me about this eye massager she was using and it was helping her with her mild headaches she was feeling under her eyes.

I thought maybe it could help me as well, so of course i bought one. For the next few weeks, i found myself putting it on everytime a headache was appearing, and before it would even get bad, it was gone…..



I was amazed truly. Also this is not only for just headaches, my mother uses it almost everyday after work, and she even falls asleep with it on sometimes, which is really funny. This is truly a magnificent creation, so simple yet so extremely beneficial.

I don’t know the science behind it, all i know is IT WORKS!

These are the top 5 gadgets that we have found SO FAR, these are the products we have recieved thebest feedback on as well.

We are committed to finding the best on the web so you dont have to waste your time going through shitty products just to find that good one, Let us do that for you!

Please check back every month as we will be doing a top 5 gadget series every single month releasing our favorite gadgets of the month!

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